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WHAT IS....?

Flamenco - declared as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Based on folkloric music traditions of Southern Spain, associated with the Romani people, although its style is uniquely Andalusian.



WHy this way?

Since Flamenco has been spiced by many different music styles, I have made an attempt to add something of my own, trying to preserve the root of it. Basically I can't think of making any music without being honest with my music background and liking. And I see no reason for making just another copy or pretending.

So I've decided to mix all the styles which have influenced my play and plug  electric guitar in it.

First sketches

El Amenecer (alegrias) - Prismwits

Alegrias in E with Mixolydian and minor pentatonic phrases. The first piece of mine that introduces electric guitar to flamenco.

Arabian Theme - Prismwits

Based on E Byzantine scale, this free form shall evolve into B Phrygian dominant bulerias. Just need more time...

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